Galley Bistro

Galley Breakfast & orange juice


  • 2 rashers of thick-cut bacon, 2 local pork & leek sausages, 2 eggs, hash browns, mushrooms, Heinz baked beans, 2 rounds of toast and a cup of tea or filter coffee.
  • Orange juice
  • Cost: ¬£8.95 per person

The Galley is far more gastro than it is pub but it retains a comfy pub-vibe, all wood and brass like Cheers. Their specials board promised many delicious and wholly unaffordable dishes but we resisted the temptation at 10am in favour of another breakfast.

Located in Hope Square, near the oddest (and yet most incredible) bazaar you’ll ever come across, The Galley was the only place open on the square when we went. There were seats outside but it was raining so we opted for an indoor table. There was only one other table occupied when we entered, which was taken up by a group of fishermen eating their breakfasts. They seemed friendly and thankfully weren’t too loud.

There was waitress service, and we did wait longer than we’d expect¬†before the (very attentive) waitress came and took our order. The wait for our food was easily filled by having a look over the restaurant’s extensive breakfast menu which covered just about everything from an alluring Eggs Benedict, which Stephen almost plumped for, to your bog standard beans on toast.

We both settled for the Galley Breakfast, their Goldilocks breakfast (bigger than the Full English, smaller than the Olympian Breakfast). A standout mention must go to the kitchen’s use of local pork and leek sausages. Stephen often observes that sausages are overlooked by most breakfast-proferring cafes, who will sling any old Richmond’s on your plate with about 60% pork. Not the Galley, however. These were proper sausages that wouldn’t make your butcher wince, and the addition of leek was most welcome.

Stephen was happy to see hash browns on the menu – given that restaurants always seem a bit split on whether to bother with them – and Elly was so taken with the suggestion of fried bread (under the Olympian option) that she swapped out her toast.

Neither of us particularly care about tea or coffee, but for others it’s nice to have them included in the cost of the breakfast – especially as it’s higher than most places we visit in our Quest.

The Galley is a little bit on the pricey side, but it’s understandable when you taste their delicious breakfast. Aside from the food, it’s got good service, a great atmosphere and when we learn to tame our bank accounts we’ll be as likely to return for a brilliant breakfast as we are the Lamb Wellington or Louisiana Chicken.

Rating 4



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