Waffle On

All day breakfast waffle & orange juice

All Day Breakfast waffle

  • Waffle topped with bacon, cheese and a fried egg
  • Served with side salad
  • Half pint of orange juice
  • Cost: £5 per person

The first thing I noticed on our trip to Waffle On was the obscene steps you have to climb down to get through the door. It’s visible from a distance so it’s hard to miss, but the steps in front of the door are uneven and steep as anything. There is wheelchair access further down the street as the pavement levels out, but there is a small step to get into the restaurant.

Waffle Window

The decor inside is lovely, big windows with views over the harbour. We took a table by the window to fit us and our two guests. There aren’t many tables throughout the restaurant so if you’re with a big party, or it’s a busy day, then expect to be all squished together.

Waffle INT

We ordered with a gentleman working behind the counter, he took some time to come over and take our order but it gave us plenty of time to think. As stated above, we both went for the same thing – a savoury waffle with bacon, a fried egg and cheese.

Although I’m a sucker for the full English (or, indeed, Scottish, if I want to get my hands on square sausage and a potato scone), there’s something very welcoming about a change-up to breakfast. Waffles are delicious anyway and, like pancakes, I maintain they’re even more so when you make them savoury. It adds a whole new texture to the staple bacon (not quite as crispy as I’d like) and fried egg (runny enough) that makes a great breakfast. I’m usually against the inclusion of cheese in a breakfast – it’s a bit heavy for the morning, right? – but the waffle works its waffly magic and it’s actually a great inclusion. And just so you don’t feel guilty, or possibly just because the size of the waffle will leave you wanting more, they even throw in a bit of a side salad. Nothing special there, but it balances everything out and adds a splash of colour to the plate. I devoured it all, except the tomatoes which – as per usual – went to Elly. But what does she think? Take it away…

Half eaten

Oh, Stephen, you are so completely wonderful… (he wrote that).

I can’t really argue with any of the above though. I still maintain that it’s a really bizarre thing, tucking into something that’s usually covered in cream and hundreds and thousands, but thankfully it pays off. The highlight for me was definitely cutting into the fried egg that sits on top of the waffle and having the yolk run down the sides. I’m not really that much of an egg person, so if the yolk isn’t hella runny you won’t find me eating it. Thankfully this guy did not disappoint. I feel that the bacon was sometimes missed out by the tonne of waffle, which is circular and folded in half with the bacon in the middle. Overall though, I’m thoroughly impressed.

Our fellow diners departed from joining us with an All Day Breakfast and instead Rachel opted for the Smoked Salmon and Philadelphia cheese waffle, and Matt chose a New Yorker Breakfast.

Salmon waffle
Rachel’s Smoked Salmon and Philadelphia Cheese

Rachel was fairly disappointed with her meal and on reflection probably would have preferred something a bit more breakfast-y, perhaps not even a waffle.

Matt enjoyed his New Yorker a little more, consisting of two waffles, a few anaemic rashers, a tonne of (microwaved?) scrambled egg and a pot of maple syrup. Stephen has previously had the same and thinks it is the lesser of their two breakfast waffles; the bacon is done no favours left outside of the waffle and although the maple syrup goes someway to counteract this it is not helped by a pathetic offering of egg that emphasises quantity over quality. Then again he is always quite fussy when it comes to scrambled eggs.

Matt waffle
Matt’s New Yorker

Portion sizes are a little disappointing. The waffle that comes with the meal is a bit on the small side, they’re not really big enough to fill you up but not small enough to warrant having two of them, which is a shame because if they were a little bit bigger I’d be returning to Waffle On a lot more.


Overall: Quality was great, service was spot on and the price can’t be argued with.

Rating 4

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