No. 4 Boutique

Full English breakfast & orange juice

  • 2 sausages, 2 eggs, bacon, baked beans, mushrooms, tomato & toast (white or brown)
  • Free tea or coffee
  • Bottle of freshly squeezed orange juice
  • Cost: £7 per person

If you want to grab a bargain on a pair of shoes or jeans while you wait for your full English breakfast, No. 4 has you covered. Inside it’s a bizarre and yet fitting display of items for sale amid the tables.

We picked the table nearest the door and it was a matter of seconds before we were assured that we could close it if there was a draught. Later on, it was closed for us anyway because we’re too English to even do it ourselves. This was one of the many times when No.4’s attentive owners excelled in customer service – we were most impressed when Stephen was able to swap mushrooms for an extra rasher of bacon while going through our usual order adjustments.

It was quite a wait for the food after we ordered, although the co-owner repeatedly came by and assured us our food was coming but that they cooked everything from scratch. They say that if you want to start from scratch you must first create the universe. We are not quite so demanding, and the food was all cooked well: the eggs, over easy, weren’t quite as runny as we’d like and the sausages were cheap, but it was put together fairly well.

No 4 food

Stephen once again objected to having to butter his own toast – as explained in our Rendezvous review – and, as you can see, it was well-refrigerated and took an age to melt and spread easily. He also had a slightly broken chair but, again, we’re both too polite to mention it to people in the cafe. Just, y’know, blog about it later.

But while the service failed momentarily there, we were taken aback by the fanciness when our orange juice was poured from a bottle into glasses for us. Elly almost overcame her aversion to its slight pulpiness.


So with stellar service and an interesting experience (a cafe and a shop?! But not, like, an M&S cafe), No.4 is certainly a pleasant place to have your breakfast – even if it isn’t quite our number one.

Rating 4


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