All day breakfast & orange juice


  • 1 egg, 2 rashers of bacon, 2 sausages, half a grilled tomato, baked beans and 2 hash browns
  • Half pint of orange juice
  • Cost: £5 per person


Double vodka and orange juice in hand while a clubby remix of Adele’s Hello plays over some very inappropriate dancing… oh, wait, that was a different time at Rendezvous.

Rendezvous bills itself as a bar, a pub and a club. The building is actually structured to have a pub on its lowest floor, its bar section at the street level pictured and a club upstairs. But while its architecture is neatly divided, it’s hard to feel that a place will be able to serve a hearty full English with as much gusto as they do Sex on the Beach.

We sat at the world’s most uncomfortable table in seats that are nigh-impossible to get into, in the bar section of Rendezvous. (We’ve been back since, for boozing, and they’ve been replaced.) Their menu offers a couple of options – including another Eggs Benedict to tempt Stephen and a groundbreaking/stupid ‘Breakfast Burrito’. The Large Farmhouse Breakfast offered all we wanted, although you can add extras for 50p each.

Omens were not good when the waiter started writing our order on his hands – although, to be fair, both of us adopt this technique when we’re trying to remember things. We hesitate to call the man incompetent, but he managed to forget our orange juice and took a while to bring butter for our toast.

This, Stephen would like to interject, is another of my breakfast bug-bears. As much as I love butter on toast, and oh boy do I, I prefer having toast brought to me already buttered. This runs the risk of what my granddad calls “cafe corners” – where the edges of the toast are left untouched – but I’d take that over having to mess about, getting my knife greasy, covering the table in crumbs and wasting valuable time while the food’s still hot.

There isn’t much else to say, given that the food was average, but considering the price it is essentially what you pay for. Cheap sausages abound once more, and it all feels a bit Wetherspoons. As a venue for breakfast, Rendezvous leaves a lot to be desired. As a venue for drinking, well… at least you’re drunk when you’re there.

Rating 2



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