Full English & orange juice


  • 2x Sausage, 2x bacon, fried egg, tomato, fried bread
  • Had to pay for extra beans/mushrooms/toast
  • Carton of orange juice
  • Cost: £? per person

We should say at the top of this review that it was quite a stressful breakfast trying to sort through a personal crisis. That said, we doubt that we would have been impressed by Suttons under any circumstances.

Stephen had previously had a jacket potato in Suttons so was certainly willing to give its breakfast a try. Things didn’t look especially promising from the moment we sat down, and some awkward chairs did not even make that easy. It was fairly busy, though, so Weymouth’s blue-rinse brigade obviously approve.

Suttons offers a variety of meals, but we feel this may have led to a “jack of all trades” approach, or at least one that doesn’t prioritise breakfast. It’s billed very much as a coffee/tea shop with plenty of home-made cakes… but that’s not what we’re Questing for.

Unique among anywhere we’ve visited, Suttons defaults to offering fried bread rather than toast with your full English, a move that Elly embraced and Stephen barely tolerated. The selection of items was similarly haphazard, incorporating a few key staples but leaving out others.

It’s rather like the menu was assembled by somebody who has only heard of a cooked breakfast, leaving us to ask for toast, beans and mushrooms as added extras. The inclusion of these extras on the menu suggests that the kitchen knows what’s absent, but have streamlined their menu for either their own ease or to make a bit more money when everybody ponies up 80 pence for some baked beans.

The staff at the counter, however, coped well when we heaped our specifics onto them, and all the plates came out with everything in the right place. Our standard request for some fresh orange juice was met with less ease, as were asked to pick from three offerings kept in a small fridge behind the till. Did we want a fizzy orange drink from a can, an overpriced upmarket small bottle with pulp (Elly dislikes pulp in orange juice, but is a fan of the Jarvis Cocker-fronted band), or a carton of Mr Juicy?

We opted for cheap-and-cheerful Mr Juicy, despite it making us sound like six-year-olds.

Halfway through our crisis talks, the food arrived. None of it was especially worthwhile, from the cheap sliced loaf they fried, to the “back-of-the-freezer”-style quality of the sausages, and our added extras didn’t seem worth the fuss they caused, while the yolk was too solid for Elly to eat.

Feeling nervous and without much appetite anyway (see earlier vague references to a crisis), we left disgruntled and with scraps left on our plates. Suttons has plenty of other food on offer – sandwiches, potatoes, cakes, burgers – but this full English was anything but full, and we won’t be returning for a morning meal anytime soon.

And they don’t even take card payments. It’s 2016 for crying out loud!

Rating 1



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