About Us


We’re Elly and Stephen.


Welcome to our Mega Breakfast Quest! I’m not sure why I’ve capped that up, but it’s the official name now so we’ll just roll with it.

Stephen, do not roll your eyes at me, I know you’re doing it.


We are just two copy editors living in Weymouth who love a good breakfast. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it, we have to partake in two late shifts a week (sometimes one of those is on a Sunday :O). To fill the void of hopelessly waiting around or sleeping way too long – we’ve taken to journeying out around little Weymouth town in search of a decent breakfast.

We’re both pretty much the same when it comes to the “most important meal of the day”. We both love a good full English – no tomato on either; no mushrooms for Stephen; white fried bread for Elly; white toast, already buttered, for Stephen and an orange juice each.

With that in mind, keep your eyes peeled on the Breakfast Quest chart which will be updated as and when we discover a new place and a new breakfast.

Make sure you give us both a follow on the old Twitter (Elly & Stephen), where you can keep up to date with us both outside of the breakfast world.



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